Thalgo are experts in marine skincare and spa therapies for over 40 years. Thalgo draws on the riches of the ocean to develop exceptional professional beauty treatments and skincare products. Our concept is taken from Thalassotherapy, the treatment of the body using natural sea water. Each Thalgo product contains a specific species of algae that can treat and resolve your skincare concern. Thalgo has a product for everyone, whether your concerns are hydration, rebalancing or anti-ageing. Each Thalgo product is paraben free.

Thalgo Skin Care, Body Crae and Salon Beauty Products

Thalgo Cleansing Range

Thalgo Laboratories have created a cleansing range with a variety of delightful fragrances and textures that make daily cleansing a pleasurable experience.

Thalgo Source Marine Range

Thalgo Source Marine is the first Hydra-marine 24 skincare range to recreate a well of vital water and infuse new, perfect radiance at the heart of the skin.

Thalgo Cold Cream Marine Range

Thalgo Cold Cream Marine Range is rich in lipid boosting, active ingredients to offer extreme comfort for dry and or sensitive skin.

Thalgo Purete Marine Range

Thalgo Purete Marine Range combines a highly effective combination of the purifying and regulating properties to bring instant and effective treatment results.

Thalgo Anti-Ageing Range

Thalgo Anti-Ageing Range presents age-defying skincare that mounts the fight back against wrinkles, from the first time they appear to deeper and older instances..

Thalgo Exception Marine

THALGO has revamped the best-selling Ultimate Time Solution range to be even more effective as Exception Marine. Targeting all signs of ageing in those aged 50+, this range supports cellular regeneration.

Thalgo Prodige des Oceans

Thalgo Prodige des Oceans is the ultimate expression of 50 years of innovative Thalgo research, providing the unique power of Regenerative Marine Intelligence in just one drop to regain perfect skin.


Thalgo Men is a natural and specialist range of skin care for Men. Thalgo has created a cleansing, toning, hydrating and shaving range for men with the beauty of organic ingredients.

Thalgo Lumiere Marine Brightening Range

Thalgo Exceptional Range is the ultimate in anti-ageing skincare for people over 45.

Thalgo Suncare Range

Thalgo Suncare Range allows you to take care of your skin in the sun and achieve healthy golden skin.

Thalgo Marine Algae and Body Essentials

Thalgo Ocean Memory and Marine Body Range combines the properties of algae and fresh water to replicate the powerful attributes of the sea.

Thalgo Slim and Sculpt Body Range

Thalgo Slim and Sculpt Expert gives you the ability to slim and sculpt your body in the comfort of your own home.

Thalgo Spa Rituals

Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual uses sand scrubs, massage and glistening body oils to pamper your body and relax your mind.

Thalgo Nutrition

Thalgo Nutrition is a source of nutrients that contribute to a healthy life and help to restore balance.

Thalgo Eye and Lip Range

Thalgo Eye and Lip Range depuff, soothes, refreshes and eliminates fine lines.

Thalgo Sensitive Range

Thalgo Sensitive Range has been specially created to treat and protect this delicate skintype.

Thalgo Oxygen Anti-Pollution Range

Thalgo Oxygen Anti-Pollution Range is for all skin types suffering from the effects of pollution, allowing you to regain fresh, radiant skin.

Thalgo Moisturisers

Thalgo moisturisers including skin care products from Cold Cream, Source Marine, Anti-Ageing and Ultimate Time Solution ranges.

Featured Products
Thalgo Thalgomen After Shave Balm 75ml

Thalgo Thalgomen After Shave Balm 75ml£22.50

For all men wishing to effectively soothe razor burn and heal minor cuts. Repairing active ingredients effectively ease away feelings of discomfort caused by shaving.

Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll On 15ml

Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll On 15ml£26.00

Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll On is the perfect solution for all those wanting to diminish the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Thalgo Sleeping Cream 50ml

Thalgo Sleeping Cream 50ml£38.00

Thalgo Sleeping Cream is a good night's sleep for your skin, however many times you may wake! This luxurious veil like cream, smothers the skin in luscious moisture, helping it repair and rejuvenate whilst you catch some rest.

Thalgo Thalgomen Shaving Gel 100ml

Thalgo Thalgomen Shaving Gel 100ml£10.50


For all men in search of an anti-irritation shaving product for daily use. Its gel texture produces a fresh and soothing sensation while making shaving easier.

Thalgo Collagen Cream 50ml

Thalgo Collagen Cream 50ml£47.00

Thalgo Collagen Cream has been developed for people in their 20s and 30s who want to prevent and treat first wrinkles.

Thalgo Cold Cream Nutri-Soothing Cream 50ml

Thalgo Cold Cream Nutri-Soothing Cream 50ml£34.00

Thalgo Cold Cream Nutri-Soothing Cream has been created for dry skin with sensations of tingling, overheating and diffuse redness, to calm, soothe and nourish.

Thalgo Indoceane Scented Candle 140g

Thalgo Indoceane Scented Candle 140g£19.95

For all those wanting to fragrance their homes with a beautiful, warm fragrance, taking you on a journey to the heart of the Orient.

Thalgo Illuminating Multi-Perfection BB Cream Natural 40ml

Thalgo Illuminating Multi-Perfection BB Cream Natural 40ml£23.50

Thalgo Illuminating Multi-Perfection BB Cream Natural is a blend of 24H hydration, marine "airbrush effect" particles and a BB Cream. This hybrid product created exclusively by Thalgo aims to reveal flawless skin in one single step.

Thalgo Hydra Marine 24h Cream 50ml

Thalgo Hydra Marine 24h Cream 50ml£39.00

Thalgo Hydra Marine 24h Cream is a skincare essential, providing your skin with hydration whilst infusing it with a new, perfect radiance.

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