Claus Porto

Claus Porto soaps became renowned throughout Europe as one of the best soap making factories in the world. This reputation became wide spread and many of the famous fragrance and fashion houses in France, England and Spain came to Porto to have all of their soaps made by Claus Porto. The factory today is still family owned and run by the great grandson of Achilles de Brito, who continues with the great soap making traditions that were a matter of honour for the original founders.

Claus Porto Aguia Vetyver

Oriental in inspiration, the Aguia scent is a seductively deep fragrance based on a perfect combination of sandal perfume, myrrh and patchouli. A sophisticated herbal aroma, with notes of spices and the essential oil of Vetiver.

Claus Porto Banho Citron Verbena

Claus Porto Banho Citron Verbena Collection is a unique and refreshing aroma of lemon with soft wooden accents, which create a fresh, pure and stimulating ambience for a clean and fresh feeling.

Claus Porto Condessa Wild Pansy

Claus Porto Condessa Wild Pansy utilises the delicate and fragrant aroma of the Wild Pansy and combines this unusual scent with Violet Tricolour extract, for a truly unique aroma experience.

Claus Porto Deco Lime Basil

Combines the luxurious and aromatic blend of lime and basil essences for a unique and aromatically fruity fragrance combination. Intense, clean and refreshing.

Claus Porto Favorito Red Poppy

Claus Porto Favorito Red Poppy utilises the powerful and aromatic extract of the red poppy, to produce an active and sumptuous aroma, which will make you feel beautiful all day long.

Claus Porto Rivale Grapefruit Fig

Claus Porto Rivale Grapefruit Fig is comprised mainly of the revitalising and aromatic essence of grapefruit essential oil.

Claus Porto Voga Acacia Tuberose

Claus Porto Voga Acacia Tuberose Collection has a beautiful and unusual fragrance that combines the soft aroma of the acacia flower with the sweet scent of the tuberosa.

Claus Porto Ilyria Honeysuckle

Claus Porto Ilyria contains a Honeysuckle floral essence, characterised by a rich, captivating and seductive aroma, which evokes feelings of warm summer nights.

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