Sun Care & Self Tan

This section is dedicated to those of you who want to achieve a tanned skin, whether it be by bottle or sitting on the beach. It includes some of the best sun care products available from trusted and exclusive brands like Clarins, Au Courant, Lancome and St Tropez. All these products have utilised the latest skincare technology bringing you a beautiful and safe tan, however you achieve it. The self tanning ranges are unlikely to streak even when the most novice of hands is applying them and the suncare creams are easy to apply and spread a long way for a safe and great tan.

Face Self Tan

Specifically formulated for the face, these beautiful self tanning products provide a gorgeous glow. Choose from a variety of textures, intensities and longevity, for your perfect summer glow!

Body Self Tan

Our range of self tans for the body are easy to apply and achieve fantastic results. Choose from a variety of colour intensities and textures and how long the colour lasts, for your perfect bronzed body.

Face Sun Care

It is essential to keep your facial skin protected against the sun. Sun exposure can cause a variety of imperfections, such as dark spots, pigmentation and premature ageing. This section has some of the best facial sun care on the market.

Body Sun Care

Care for your body in the sun and prevent age spots, pigmentation and sun burn with this fabulous range of body suncare. Choose from lotions, oil, sprays and light gel textures and a variety of SPF protections.

Hair Sun Care

In the past people have not considered the strain and damage that the sun can do to their hair. Now there are a range of suncare and styling products that can transform and protect your locks.

Tan Accelerators

Tan Accelerators enable you to achieve your best bronzed look in super quick time. Choose from a variety of oils and serums to help both the face and body increase its ability to tan.

Self Tan Accessories

Make sure your self tan does not go wrong with these accessories!