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La Biosthetique Paris stands for highly effective premium cosmetic products. La Biosthetique attach great importance to the use of natural raw materials and guarantee the highest degree of tolerability, developing in-house products to ensure that they comply with the latest findings in hair cosmetics and dermatology.

La Biosthetique Paris offers a complete range of luxury cosmetics: it comprises hair and scalp care, styling, professional hair colour, skin and body care as well as make-up products. High quality ingredients are carefully blended. Each product has a targeted result so that the La Biosthetique hairdresser can easily provide solutions for all kinds of problems and satisfy individual needs.
La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Hair Care

La Biosthetique has designed an anti-ageing care for hair of customers aged 35 onwards. Plant cell extracts relax and regenerate the scalp deep down.

La Biosthetique Methode Regenerante Haircare

Methode Regenerante, a hair care concept providing everything your hair needs for improved growth, a positive energy boost and optimum support.

La Biosthetique Methode Normalisante

Synergy care for the normalisation of hair and scalp. Methode Normalisante is designed to regulate these conditions and restores its balance.

La Biosthetique  Fine Hair

Active ingredients work directly on the hair shaft to fortify weak fine hair strands. Hair is strengthened, elasticity is improved and breakage is reduced.

La Biosthetique Dry Hair

La Biosthetique Dry Hair products provide a moisture boost and help deliver shiny, silky hair.

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs

The Cheveux Longs complex penetrates right through to the inside of the hair fibres where it develops its full force of highly effective care power.

La Biosthetique Daily Beaute

Freshly scented with kiwis and papayas, this invigorating blend offers gentle care for normal hair types

La Biosthetique Methode Pellicules

The synergetic system strengthen’s the scalps resistance to dandruff for the long-term resulting in dandruff-free fresh hair and healthy scalp.

La Biosthetique Curl

La Biosthetique Curl products respects and supports the special curl structure of the hair, giving it precisely what it needs.

La Biosthetique Protection Couleur

La Bioshetique Protection Couleur is especially developed for tinted and coloured hair. Repairs, protects, hydrates hair while protecting colour against fading.

La Biosthetique Anti Frizz

Calm frizz and flyaways for up to 48 hours with this range dedicated to taming unmanageable hair without weighing it down.

La Biosthetique Edition de Luxe Hair Care

Even lifeless or highly stressed hair is given a new lease of life with the hair care range Edition de Luxe Hair Care.

La Biosthetique Style & Finish

Sprayed, curled or gelled - the idea is what counts. Fantasy has free rein. La Biosthetique Style and Finish for your individual styling composition!

La Biosthetique Anti-Dandruff Haircare

An innovative and highly scientific range for sensitive scalps, which very effectively uses a multiple effect principle to combat permanent dandruff.

La Biosthetique Methode Soleil Sun Care

With La Biosthetique Methode Soleil Sun Care in your luggage, you can enjoy the most beautiful season without hair problems.

La Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic Hair

Natural Cosmetic Haircare is free from silicones, parabens, paraffin oils and synthetic colorings or fragrances. It provides a wonderful sense of natural wellbeing with a clean conscience.

La Biosthetique Methode Relaxante Skin Care

A healthy skin has a natural barrier layer but if this protectiveshield is impaired, Méthode Relaxante restores the skin’s barrier function.

La Biosthetique Methode Regenerante Skin Care

A specific range of skincare products designed to tackle the root causes of aging skin.

Featured Products
La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10ml

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10ml£107.00

Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus ideally nourishes the hair roots so that considerably less hair is lost and hair thickness, growth and quality are considerably improved.

La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital 10x10ml

La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital 10x10ml£61.00

La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital provides the hair and scalp with essential trace elements, mineral substances and vitamins.

La Biosthetique Masque de Luxe 100ml

La Biosthetique Masque de Luxe 100ml£61.25

This luxury hair treatment not only repairs and stabilises stressed hair with the most exquisite and precious substances; it also gives it a first-class de luxe spa experience.

La Biosthetique Heat Protector 100ml

La Biosthetique Heat Protector 100ml£20.50

Heat Protector spray is not only the perfect heat protection for the hair, but it also provides sleekness, softness and shine.

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Intensive Activating Lotion 100ml

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Intensive Activating Lotion 100ml£49.75

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Intensive Activating Lotion is a scalp lotion that stimulates the cell activity in the hair roots and accelerates hair growth. It also supports the formation of stable, strong hair.

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Silky Spa Shampoo 450ml

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Silky Spa Shampoo 450ml£32.75

The Silky Spa Shampoo cleanses and intensively conditions, particularly long hair. It also moisturises and gives it wonderful shine.

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Hydrating Spa Fluid 100ml

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Hydrating Spa Fluid 100ml£22.00

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Hydrating Spa Fluid is a leave-in care emulsion strengthens the hair lengths, provides softness and gives long hair ultimate protection.

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Shampoo 250ml

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Shampoo 250ml£24.75

Bio-Fanelan shampoo has been specially developed for scalps with a weakened function.

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