Payot was created at the beginning of the 20th century by the pioneer and humanitarian Dr Nadia Payot. Dr Nadia Payot was one of the first female doctors and a forerunner in the natural, avant-garde Medi Spa beauty concept. From the 1920s onward, the beauty philosopher Dr Payot used her skills as a physician for the benefit of women's beauty and well-being, through the balance between body and mind. In her institute, she created tailor-made organic products and specific applications of them for each and every woman. Even at this early stage, she opted for gentle, natural methods, combining the best of medicinal herbs and the movement of body and face.

Today, Payo Laboratories, who have inherited her expertise, seriousness and generosity, wish to go further still for the well-being and beauty of women. Payot Laboratories focuses on polysensorial skin care - the theory that the senses are aroused through colours, velvety textures, and delightful aromas - the brand offers luxury solutions for every skin type that soothe the skin and soul.

Payot Cleansing Regime

Payot Cleansing Regime brings you the best in plant extract technology, for gentle, effective, easy and brilliant results with every use.

Payot Les Hydro-Nutritives

Payot Les Hydro-Nutritives provides specific care for dry or very dry skin, conditioning, repairing and quenching for beautiful and soft skin.

Payot Pate Grise Combination & Oily Skin Range

Payot Pate Grise Combination & Oily Skin Range provides extremely effective, gentle and quickly acting solutions for combination and oily skin.

Payot Creme No 2 Sensitive Skincare

Payot Creme No 2 Sensitive Skincare Range is based on the expertise gained from Creme No 2 and is a highly effective treatment range for sensitive and red skin.Hopefully you can say goodbye to itchy, red, tingling and burning skin and say hello to serene destressed skin.

Payot My Payot

Payot My Payot Skincare regime is the perfect range to energise and illuminate skin. It is also the perfect skincare range for someone who wants to begin using premium skincare.

Payot Les Correctrices

Payot Les Correctrices insantly smooth wrinkles, for goregeous, radiant and youthful skin in seconds.

Payot Perform Lift

Payot Perform Lift delivers the best in remodelling, lift and smoothing care for mature skin.

Payot AOX

Payot AOX is a global anti ageing skin cream that stops oxidation and cellular protection with a 100% natural complex that delays ageing effects and repair damaged cells.

Payot Les Elixirs

Payot Les Elixirs are a collection of super powered treatments to charge up your original skincare routine and gain the results you want very quickly.

Payot Body Care

Payot Body Care provides a complete range of treatments for beauty, health and vitality.

Payot Dr Payot Solutions

Payot Dr Payot solutions take the extensive knowledge gained by the famous Dr Payot and combine this with the latest technology to treat periodic skincare issues.

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