Hair Care

Express yourself and impress others with conditioned, shiny and funky styled hair by using our range of designer hair care and salon brands. Reconstruct and repair dry or chemically treated hair with Fudge Unleaded, Phyto 7, Lanza Dry Hair Formula, Paul Yacomine and Joico K-Pak and give fine hair a boost with Phyto Volume Shampoo. Slick, style and cheat your way to catwalk hair with styling tools such as Fudge Hair Shaper, ICE Spiker, MOP C Curl and Lanza Art Elements Taffy.


Haircare technology has advanced to an incredible degree. The humble shampoo no longer just cleanses the scalp and hair but treats it and makes it instantly healthy and revitalised.


Conditioners are the final step in creating that perfect head of hair. Whatever your hair concern conditioners are the second stage in your haircare regime. Choose from leave in or shower off formulas.

Hair Treatments

If your hair needs a little extra help to look amazing then look no further. This section contains the latest hair treatments to treat whatever concern you have.

Scalp Care

Some haircare companies treat the scalp in a specific manner to help you achieve great hair health. This section contains ranges that target the scalp to help it create and host the best hair you can have.

Hair Thinning & Loss

Hair thinning and loss is a common but worrying concern. This section contains a variety of home care items containing the latest hair and scalp technologies, from shampoos and conditioners, to scalp treatments and supplements.

Hair Styling

Get that salon styled look in a couple of steps with this varied range of hair styling products. For a variety of finishes using a host of different textures this section can give you that magazine inspired look each time you style.

Hair Colour

Bored of your natural hair colour and fancy a change but do not want to pay hairdresser fees? Choose from a range of hair colours from trusted haircare brands.

Hair Brushes & Combs

Gone are the days when hair brushes and combs came in one style. Now you can choose from a variety of bristle types, shapes and sizes to achieve that just been to the hairdresser look at home.


An absolute essential to achieving the perfect hair do. Electrical tools have advanced to such an extent that they can actually increase the shine and smooth texture of the hair withour causing damage.

Hair Supplements

Treating your hair from the inside out can be a quick fix to maintaining a gorgeous mane of hair!

Baby & Child

Babies and childrens hair has a different texture and need to that of adult hair. This section contains some brilliant tear free haircare solutions for this age group.

Featured Products
Lanza Colour Preserving Silver Brightening Shampoo 300ml

Lanza Colour Preserving Silver Brightening Shampoo 300ml£25.00

Lanza Healing Colourcare Silver Brightening Shampoo 3 brings out the silver sparkle in gray, white, platinum, blonde and highlighted hair.

DS Laboratories Anti-Aging Value Pack

DS Laboratories Anti-Aging Value Pack£131.00   £118.00

DS Laboratories Anti-Aging Value Pack includes 1* Revita Shampoo 500ml, 1* Revita Cor Conditioner 500ml & 3* Spectral RS

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo 750ml

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo 750ml£18.00

Let the hydration therapy begin. Bring weak & brittle hair back to life with this powerful moisture packed shampoo.

Fudge Hair Shaper (High Hold Factor) 75g

Fudge Hair Shaper (High Hold Factor) 75g£14.50

Take control of unruly and rebellious hair. Fudge Hair Shaper is great when worked through short, dry looks.

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe 480ml

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe 480ml£23.00

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe instantly repairs years of damage, doubles your resistance to future breakage, and protects against color fade (by 94%) with a single application.

Inverse Hair Conditioning System

Inverse Hair Conditioning System£150.00


Inverse uses the power of ice to give you naturally gorgeous, picture-ready hair.  No chemicals. No heat. No cords. No mess. Just irresistibly healthy hair!

La Biosthetique Stopil P 250ml

La Biosthetique Stopil P 250ml£29.00

The Stopil P hydrolotion promotes scalp normalisation and thereby helps improve hair quality.

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Shampoo 250ml

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Shampoo 250ml£24.75

Bio-Fanelan shampoo has been specially developed for scalps with a weakened function.

La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital 10x10ml

La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital 10x10ml£61.00

La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital provides the hair and scalp with essential trace elements, mineral substances and vitamins.

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10ml

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10ml£107.00

Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus ideally nourishes the hair roots so that considerably less hair is lost and hair thickness, growth and quality are considerably improved.

Joico Structure Glue Extreme Creme 150ml

Joico Structure Glue Extreme Creme 150ml£9.95

Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo 1000ml

Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo 1000ml£29.00

Unlike most clarifiers on the market, Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo doesn’t suck the life out of delicate hair, but leaves it moisturized and shiny, while providing a unique smooth slip for wet combing.

Lanza Healing Strength Manuka Conditioner 250ml

Lanza Healing Strength Manuka Conditioner 250ml£21.69

Lanza Anti Aging Manuka Mud Conditioner quickly transforms weak, dull aged hair into strong, radiant, youthful looking hair.

Aramis Protein Enriched Thickening Hair Shampoo 200ml

Aramis Protein Enriched Thickening Hair Shampoo 200ml£17.00

Aramis for Men Protein Enriched Thickening Hair Shampoo is protein enriched to help improve texture and give body to thinning hair.

Fudge Big Bold OOMF Conditioner 1 Litre

Fudge Big Bold OOMF Conditioner 1 Litre£24.50

Fudge Big Bold OOMF Conditioner lusciously cares for hair whilst delivering amazing volume, shine and making hair feel thicker and healthier.

d:fi d:struct (hold factor 8) 150g

d:fi d:struct (hold factor 8) 150g£14.50

d:fi destruct is a medium hold factor extremely flexible pliable paste that allows you to style the hair however you like. d:fi destruct has a hold factor to hold the hair in place while you work your style.

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