Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was born in 1942 and founded the brand that bears his name in 1968. In the late 70s, he notched up major successes in both fashion and accessories, becoming famous for his jeans collection modelled by Brooke Shields. The recipient of numerous awards, Calvin Klein has displayed a powerful fashion sense pairing minimalist conception with a sensual, provocative image for a diverse and extraordinary fragrance range.

Calvin Klein has created some of the best, most memorable and successful fragrances for men and women to date. His fragrance range is diverse and always-on trend with perfumes and aftershaves that transcend age barriers and are appealing to everyone. His fragrance empire started with the revolutionary and controversial Obsession perfume, a darkly seductive fragrance with an equally racy commercial, then Calvin Klein launched the classic Eternity for women and CK One which again broke all the rules and set the scene for 1990s androgyny in both fashion and scent.
Calvin Klein CK Everyone

CK Everyone is a unisex fragrance that is modern and forward thinking. It is the first CK fragrance to be vegan, with organic orafornge oil and housed in a recyclable glass bottle.

Calvin Klein CK One

CK One was a global phenomenon after its launch in 1994. Calvin Klein CK One and is a unique, but now much copied, citrus floral and herbaceous scent.

Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her

The CK Shock woman's allure is all-consuming. She's shocking and she's addictive. Her juicy, floral oriental scent creates a stir with its pulsating notes, each inspired by the scents of a night at a party.

Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Him

The CK Shock man's energy is addictive. He's shocking and he's rebellious. His sparkling, dynamic oriental scent creates a stir with its pulsating notes, each inspired by the scents of a night at a party.

Calvin Klein Euphoria For Women

Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women is a sexy, fantasy scent that combines fruits, flowers and a rich base, for a modern and sensual cocktail.

Calvin Klein Euphoria For Men

Euphoria For Men is a powerful, carnal and seductive expression of masculinity. Calvin Klein Euphoria For Men is about satisfying your most intense desires, free of limits and passion that stops at nothing.

Calvin Klein Encounter

Calvin Klein Encounter For Men is a daring, inviting fragrance for men. Wild and untamed, this masculine essence captures an insatiable desire that is impossible to deny.

Calvin Klein Downtown For Women

Calvin Klein Downtown For Women is the perfect perfume for a modern woman. Urban and original, this fragrance encapsulates the need for authentic individuality, with a confident and beautiful fragrance.

Calvin Klein Beauty

A luxurious fragrance that brings a new level of sophistication and femininity to the Calvin Klein fragrance portfolio. Calvin Klein Beauty is a serene, modern floral fragrance that blooms with feminine strength.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty

The Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Woman has a transparent beauty that shines from from within, bright eyed and bare skinned, her confidence captivates.

Calvin Klein CK Free

CK Free has been created to offer men an everyday escape away from the daily grind. CK Free For Men is a liberating fragrance that puts you the dynamic side of cool.

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men symbolizes the spirit of today's man a sensitive yet masculine, refined yet strong fragrance that soothes and softens the senses with a sensual blend of lasting notes.

Calvin Klein Eternity For Women

Inspired by the ring that Calvin Klein gave to his wife Kelly Rector on their wedding day, Eternity perfume aims to capture the sensuality, happiness and love inspired by the act of love and marriage.

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment

Calvin Klein's classic fragrance Eternity now has a little sister: Eternity Moment. Eternity Moment is a romantic, feminine, and modern fruity-floral fragrance that caresses the skin with delicate tones.

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men is a rounded, sensual and fruity oriental fragrance for men. Calvin Klein Obsession For Men is the pure essence of masculinity.

Calvin Klein Obsession For Women

Calvin Klein Obsession perfume is a lovely deep, sexy and sensual scent by Calvin Klein. On it launch this beautiful fragrance set the world on fire with its powerful sensuality.

Calvin Klein Escape For Men

Calvin Klein Escape For Men is a spirited scent that captures man’s desire for freedom that transcends the boundaries of everyday life. Designed to evoke a lasting impression, the Calvin Klein Escape For Men fragrance is as individual and adventurous as the man who wears it.

Calvin Klein Escape For Women

Calvin Klein Escape is an unusal floral fruity aquatic that is bold, beautiful and dewy, a truly unique perfume.

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