Male Grooming

This section has some of the best and latest male skincare ranges available. Choose from Clinique Skin Supplies for Men, Clarins for Men, REN Skincare, Baxter of California and Task Essential to find your perfect bathroom partner. All these ranges are different and cater for different tastes, so whatever your skintype, age or budget one of these ranges will probably fit the bill.

Cleanse Tone & Exfoliate

Due to the rigors of shaving and the genetic predisposition to skin hardening, male skin needs a different type of care. Deep cleansers, toners and exfoliators can help to keep male skin healthy.

Shaving & Hair Removal

Choose from preshave guards that protect the skin and act as cushions, shave oils that make the hair stand on end and shave foams and gels that make obtaining the perfect close shave a pleasure!


Male moisturisers have been created to condition, moisture and prene the toughest, roughest and most problematic of skins. Choose from a variety of textures and results.

After Shave Balms

Skin sensitivity after shaving is a common complaint and older style aftershave balms were good at initially soothing but then caused a sensitive reaction. Now skincare technology has advanced that aftershave balms cool, soften, soothe and perfume without irritation.

Eye & Lip Care

The eye and lip areas are often forgotten but can be troublesome. Wrinkling, pukering and showing age and general wear and tear at a much faster rate. Choose from the latest gels and creams to resolve this male grooming issues.

Hair Care

Male hair is often coarser and has a smaller root than its female counterpart. Male scalps also tend to be more sensitive. This haircare section contains the best haircare items available to treat these issues.

Body Care

Male body care has advanced beyond the simple menthol showergel and now completes the male grooming regime. Choose from body conditioners, creams and gels.


Deodorant sprays and sticks are now highly effective and gentle on the skin. Choose from highly perfumed or more skincare driven deodorants.