Payot Cleansing Regime

Payot Cleansing Regime is a complete range of cleansers, toners, exfoliators and masks that create a perfectly clean, toned and radiant skin. The textures and formulas have been specifically developed and tested to respond to your habits, moods and, especially, the demands and needs of your skin.

Payot Cleansing Regime believes that for beautiful skin every day should begin with a cleanser of your choice and toner. They also recommend that 2 times a week the skin should be exfoliated and a mask applied straight after exfoliation, for the best skin possible. If followed the results are beautiful and instant and problem free, radiant and touchably soft skin can be achieved.
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Payot Gelee Gommante Douceur 50ml

Payot Gelee Gommante Douceur 50ml£23.00

Payot Gelée Gommante Douceur is a melting exfoliating jelly with papaya extracts.

Payot Gel Demaquillant D'Tox 200ml

Payot Gel Demaquillant D'Tox 200ml£20.00

Payot Gel Demaquillant D'Tox is a refreshing and gentle cleansing gel with cinnamon extract that acts as an astringent, purifying and tightening the skin pores.

Payot Eau Dermo Micellaire 200ml

Payot Eau Dermo Micellaire 200ml£18.00

Payot Eau Dermo Micellaire is a soothing cleansing water, ideal for sensitive skin or intolerant to water or classic cleansers.

Payot Efface Cils Douceur 125ml

Payot Efface Cils Douceur 125ml£18.00

Payot Efface’Cils Douceur is a dual-textured cleanser for eyes and lips. A cleanser that instantly soothes eyes and lips and reduces puffiness.

Payot Huile Fondante Demaquillante 200ml

Payot Huile Fondante Demaquillante 200ml£18.00

Payot Huile Fondante Démaquillante is a beautiful milky cleansing oil that takes off every bit of makeup, waterproof mascara in one step.

Payot Nettoyant Moussant Douceur 125ml

Payot Nettoyant Moussant Douceur 125ml£18.00

As soft as a cleansing milk and as effective as soap, this rich cream removes make-up, pollutants and other impurities that block pores.

Payot Masque D'Tox 50ml

Payot Masque D'Tox 50ml£17.00

Payot Masque D'Tox is a radiance-boosting detoxifying treatment with grapefruit extracts to be used after a Payot Exfoliator.

Payot Pate Grise Eau Purifiante Bi-Phase Lotion 200ml

Payot Pate Grise Eau Purifiante Bi-Phase Lotion 200ml£17.00

Payot Eau Purifiante is specially designed for combination to oily and blemish-prone skin. Its two-phase formula combines the benefits of a purifying lotion and mattifying powders, for completely flawless skin.

Payot Pate Grise Perfecting Cleansing Gel 200ml

Payot Pate Grise Perfecting Cleansing Gel 200ml£17.00

Payot Pate Grise Perfecting Cleansing Gel will brighten up your day and your beauty routine. The perfect formula, combining the exclusive Payot Pate Grise complex with a fresh cleansing gel formula containing creamy activated charcoal microbeads.

Payot Lait Demaquillant Fraicheur 200ml

Payot Lait Demaquillant Fraicheur 200ml£15.00

Payot Lait Démaquillant Fraîcheur has a luscious texture is hydrating and softening and removes make-up instantly.

Payot Lotion Tonique Fraicheur 200ml

Payot Lotion Tonique Fraicheur 200ml£15.00

Payot Lotion Tonique Fraîcheur is hydrating, stimulating and re-energising, a perfectly gentle finale to your make-up removal regime.


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