Payot Pate Grise Combination & Oily Skin Range

Payot Pate Grise Combination & Oily Skin Ranges extremely effective, gentle and quickly acting solutions for combination and oily skin. Understanding the causes of excessive oil and blemishes is the key to this very advanced range of oily skincare. It is one of the most popular Payot ranges due to its fantastic ability to give people clear and beautiful skin.

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Payot Pate Grise 15ml

Payot Pate Grise 15ml£16.00

Payot Pate Grise Anti-Bacterial Treatment is a local night treatment for imperfections and blemishes.Its secret formula Dr Payot works while you sleep to accelerate the maturation of minor subcutaneous spots and make them disappear

Payot Speciale 5 15ml

Payot Speciale 5 15ml£16.00

Payot Speciale 5 Active Clearing Lotion is a drying and purifying gel that is for minor spots that have come to a head and overnight elimates and heals. Payot Speciale 5 combines salicylic acid, known for its calming properties, essential oil of melaleuca and purifying sulfur.

Payot Eau Purifiante 200ml

Payot Eau Purifiante 200ml£17.50

Payot Eau Purifiante is specially designed for combination to oily and blemish-prone skin. Its two-phase formula combines the benefits of a purifying lotion and mattifying powders, for completely flawless skin.

Payot Masque Charbon Purifiant 50ml

Payot Masque Charbon Purifiant 50ml£18.50

Payot Masque Charbon Purifiant purifies and mattifies very gently. Its original black texture combines the super-absorbent properties of charcoal derived from Japanese oak trees and the purifying and unclogging effect of kaolin, the softest of clays.

Payot Stick Couvrant Pate Grise 1.6gm

Payot Stick Couvrant Pate Grise 1.6gm£13.00

Derived from the famous Pāte Grise, Payot Stick Couvrant Pāte Grise is a high-coverage concealer recommended for regular or occasional minor spots.

Payot Creme Matifiante Velours 50ml

Payot Creme Matifiante Velours 50ml£24.00

Payot Creme Matifiante Velours is a light and velvety fluid cream that moisturizes the skin while reducing sebum excess for a matte skin throughout the day.

Payot Creme Purifiante 50ml

Payot Creme Purifiante 50ml£22.50

Payot Creme Purifiante is a lightweight cream for combination to oily skin is the anti- spot weapon! It limits and controls sebum excess, visibly reducing imperfections and giving glow to the skin without the shine.

Payot Expert Points Noirs 30ml

Payot Expert Points Noirs 30ml£15.00

Payot Expert Points Noirs is a pore exfoliator that tackles blackheads in 3 steps : Deeply cleanses skin, clears clogged pores and tightens pores.

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