Burberry is one of the most sought after designer labels with their distinctive check pattern. Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 and firstly specialised in rainwear. The Burberry brand was so popular that they expanded into fashion and accessories, building on the incredible recognition of their emblematic plaid, the Nova Check. Burberry's first fragrances appeared in the 1990s, with two duos: first Burberry, then Weekend. The strength of this brand has continued to build and they now have a wide range of fashionable, wearable and distinctive perfumes and aftershaves.

Burberry Body For Women

An effortlessly sensual, feminine fragrance with an eclectic combination of refined ingredients including fresh green absinthe, peach, freesia, natural rose absolute, amber and musk.

Burberry Brit For Men

Burberry Brit For Men Aftershave is an elegant and casual fragrance for men. It combines fresh marine and citrus tones with a wood heart.

Burberry Brit For Women

A fresh, feminine and individual fragrance by the acutely British Burberry brand. Sexy and playful, mixing classic, green-oriental tones, lush fruits and sweet nutty essences.

Burberry For Men

Burberry For Men expresses the timeless elegance and effortless style associated with the Burberry brand. Burberry For Men is a fresh and distinctive aromatic woody fougere fragrance for men.

Burberry For Women

Burberry For Women Perfume is a fresh and sensual fruity oriental perfume. Burberry For Women Perfume is a soft perfume that gently caresses the skin and builds on the brand's herirage of tradition and understated luxury.