Guerlain Les Eaux Unisex Fragrances

Since 1853, Eau de Cologne has been a rite of passage to obtain one's rightful place in the family of the great Guerlain Perfumers, each one reinventing it in his own way. Composed of lively, fresh and light notes, it is always cheerful and extroverted. A wonderful perfuming base for men and women, it blends perfectly with your usual fragrance.

Guerlain Eaux Fraiches are perfect scented trails for the summer. They are light, airy and unusual, with a traditional and established blend of citrus, floral, herbal and aromatic notes. Guerlain Eaux Fraiches also have a very low percentages of alcohol, so that even in scorching heat they won't leave stains on your skin and remain stable, elegant and distinctive.

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Guerlain Eau De Fleurs De Cedrat EDT 100ml

Guerlain Eau De Fleurs De Cedrat EDT 100ml£70.00

Guerlain Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat possesses the secret voluptuousness of the scents of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the citron, it is very refreshing and tangy.

Guerlain Eau De Guerlain EDC 100ml

Guerlain Eau De Guerlain EDC 100ml£70.00

Refreshing and profound, Eau de Guerlain is the "Rite of Spring" that heralds the arrival of a hot, fragrant summer.

Guerlain Eau Du Coq EDC 100ml

Guerlain Eau Du Coq EDC 100ml£70.00

Created in 1894 by Aimé Guerlain, it is simultaneously reserved and appealing, fresh and aromatic, stimulating and vibrant.

Guerlain Eau Imperiale EDC 100ml

Guerlain Eau Imperiale EDC 100ml£70.00

Guerlain Eau Imperiale Eau De Cologne Spray was inspired by the beauty and elegance of Empress Eugenie.

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