Acqua Di Parma Colonia Oud

Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud is a unique and elegant creation, born from the innovative union of two olfactive themes with strong personalities: the fresh, vibrant notes of Colonia and the warm, deep notes of Agarwood. A charismatic and intensely masculine fragrance.

An invitation to travel with Acqua di Parma in the heady, sensory Middle East. Colonia Oud is an original and sophisticated interpretation of Colonia Intensa that combines the freshness of Colonia with the persistent and sensual lingering of agarwood (oud) oil, a prestige ingredient typical of Middle Eastern perfumery traditions. A charismatic and intensely male fragrance. An exquisitely balanced composition. On top is the lightness of citrus notes typical of Acqua di Parma, blending unexpectedly with the depth of agarwood, whose warm magnetic and persistent notes arouse sensations of assertiveness, power and ancestral virility. A unique combination of citrus top notes (orange and bergamot from select producers in Southern Italy) that blend with warm woody notes (Amyris, Russian coriander and agarwood oil) and combine in the end with aromatic base notes (cedar wood, patchouli, hints of leather, sandal and musk).