Rochas Femme EDT 100ml

Rochas Femme EDT 100ml

Brand:  Rochas
Range:  Eau de Rochas
Gender:  Female
Fragrance Type:  Eau de Parfum
Main Fragrance Group:  Chypre
Fragrance Family:  Fruity

Rochas Femme is an iconic chypre fragrance with a unique fruity base. Created in 1943 Rochas Femme is a masterpiece that is supposed to represent the gentle warmth of a woman's skin.

Rochas Femme has a unique note at its heart, a rich dense black plum. To this heart Rochas have added a harmony of aldehides, sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot, pear, peach, ylangylang, grey amber and musk.

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