Elizabeth Arden Fragrances

Recently, Elizabeth Arden has enjoyed a rejuvenation of their earlier success. Elizabeth Arden's new fragrances are assertive, yet beautiful and classically feminine and have given an interesting diversity to the Elizabeth Arden Fragrance range. This includes the rich Red Door perfume and other favourites such as Provocative Woman. However, these new edition perfumes have a lot to prove in order to become one of Elizabeth Arden's classic fragrances, such as Sunflowers, Blue Grass and Green Tea, all of which have been established bestsellers since the beginning of last century.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea comes from a lush green world of freshness. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is an uplifting fragrance that energizes the body, excites the senses and revives the spirit.

Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Elizabeth Arden White Tea is inspired by the simple pleasure that accompanies the first sip of tea. Pure and exquisitely uncomplicated, this new fragrance invites you to revel in the moment and lose yourself in a warm memory.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door

Elizabeth Arden Red Door is a beautiful melange of rich, rare florals, to create a glamorous, elegant and sophisticated perfume that transcends all generations.

Elizabeth Arden Always Red

Elizabeth Arden Always Red is a luxurious and sweet floriental fragrance that attracts attention with its confident tones.

Elizabeth Arden Untold

A luxurious and modern rendition of a sensuous floral composition, Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau De Parfum celebrates the sophistication and intrigue of the multi-faceted modern woman.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

Chic. Sophisticated. Beautiful. A modern fresh floral fragrance that captures the alluring style of the most famous street in the world.

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass

A very feminine scent that possesses a blend of fresh cut flowers, wood and spices. Blue Grass perfume has a rich but refreshing powdery texture and fresh aromatic tone. A perfume classic.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

Elizabeth Arden launched Sunflowers perfume in 1950. Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers perfume continues to be a global success.

Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman

Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman is an assured, confident and highly sexual blend of Oriental tones and rich exotic fruits.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty

Every day, everywhere. Every woman wants to feel pretty. Pretty is a spirited floral fragrance of exceptional charm.

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean perfume is a light and elegant perfume with hints of florals, Mediterranean fruits and woods.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue After 5

Avenue After 5 is a sheer, sparkling and radiant perfume. A modern oriental that will take you effortlessly from day into night.

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Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers EDT 100ml

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers EDT 100ml£7.50

A light, bright and beautiful perfume that is both uplifting and sensual.