Kenzo World

26 June 2017  |  Admin

When the representative from Kenzo came to present this fragrance the first thing he did was show us the Kenzo WORLD advert. Now to say that we were shocked probably was an understatement but this fragrance has been created to demand and hold your attention. The advert is...well...different but brilliant and the fragrance pretty much follows the same pattern. Housed in a unique 'Eye' bottle it demands you look at it and admire it. The fragrance is a mixture of opposites, blended together so seemlessly that it floats from citrus to floral to woody without you being aware of the journey it has just taken you on. Expect soft bergamot, jasmine, daisy and other white flowers, over woods and amber for the perfect fragrance for those gorgeous summer nights we are having at the moment!

Our prices start at £39 for a 30ml.