Payot Deodorant Ultra Douceur 75ml

Payot Deodorant Ultra Douceur Anti-Perspirant Roll-On is an alcohol-free, roll-on deodorant that keeps skin feeling fresh and clean. Payot Déodorant Ultra-Douceur is dual purpose, giving a deodorant action, to regulate production and an anti-perspirant formula that also softens the skin with an alcohol-free formula that aims to respect sensitive skins.

Payot Recommended Skin Condition
Sensitive Skin Types.

Payot Recommended Application
Apply every morning and/or evening after washing for perfect, long-lasting freshness.

Benefits of Payot Deodorant Ultra Douceur Anti-Perspirant Roll-On
Perspiration aims to be regulated. Skin is protected from unpleasant odors. Skin is soft and soothed.

Payot Deodorant Ultra Douceur Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Key Ingredients

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