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Payot AOX 50ml

Payot AOX 50ml£133.00

The PAYOT AOX cream combats oxidation on all fronts in order to control the formation of free radicals and to provide cells with sufficient energy to prevent and repair the damage created.

Payot Creme Cachemire 50ml

Payot Creme Cachemire 50ml£31.00

Payot Creme Cachemire is an anti-redness anti-stress soothing moisturiser with a rich texture and effect for dry skin. Cocoon your complexion in replenishment with this gentle moisturiser suitable for even hypersensitive skin.

Payot Creme No 2 30ml

Payot Creme No 2 30ml£20.00

Payot Creme No 2 slave has a unique delivery form, and a pharmaceutical compound-like formula, combines the virtues of phytotherapy and aromatherapy and acts as genuine emergency care to soothe irritation locally and reduce temporary redness.

Payot Creme Nuage 50ml

Payot Creme Nuage 50ml£31.00

Drawing on these latest discoveries in skin biology, Payot Creme Nuage strengthens and restores balance to the skin flora. A rich moisturiser it also acts as genuine anti-skin stress care by calming sensations of discomfort and reducing irritation and redness.

Payot Eau Dermo Micellaire 200ml

Payot Eau Dermo Micellaire 200ml£18.00

Payot Eau Dermo Micellaire is a soothing cleansing water, ideal for sensitive skin or intolerant to water or classic cleansers.

Payot Elixir d Eau 30ml

Payot Elixir d Eau 30ml£30.00

Payot Elixir d'Eau has a magic formula that offers exceptional, unique skin-quenching action.

Payot Elixir Douceur 30ml

Payot Elixir Douceur 30ml£37.00

Payot Elixir Douceur is a soothing reconforting essence, a protective shield that acts on all the mechanisms of skin sensitivity to soothe, repair and restructure it.

Payot Elixir Jeunesse 30ml

Payot Elixir Jeunesse 30ml£55.00

Payot Elixir Jeunesse is a magic Anti-ageing antioxidant essence.

Payot Hydra 24 Creme 50ml

Payot Hydra 24 Creme 50ml£33.00

Thanks to its bio-available actives, Payot Hydra 24 gives your skin continuous and progressive hydration to reduce wrinkles and dehydration.

Payot Hydra 24 Masque 50ml

Payot Hydra 24 Masque 50ml£25.00

Paypt Hydra 24 Masque is a multi-hydrating, thirst-quenching mask with hydro-dermo-regulating complex, a spalsh of pure hydration for your skin.

Payot Masque Dermo-Apaisant 50ml

Payot Masque Dermo-Apaisant 50ml£23.00

Payot Masque Dermo-Apaisant provides SOS repairing care for sensitive skin, wrapping the skin with an immediate comforting sensation.

Payot Nutricia Creme 50ml

Payot Nutricia Creme 50ml£39.00

Payot Nutricia Creme provides a source of complete, balanced nutrition. Your skin is fortified; suppleness and softness are restored with long-lasting effects.

Payot Perform Lift Intense 50ml

Payot Perform Lift Intense 50ml£59.00

Payot Perform Lift Intense offers immediate restructuring and redensifying care for mature skin.

Payot Perform Sculpt Nuit 50ml

Payot Perform Sculpt Nuit 50ml£60.00

Payot Perform Sculpt Nuit is a unique liposculpting, firming night cream.

Payot Techni Liss Active 50ml

Payot Techni Liss Active 50ml£47.00

Payot Techni Liss Active gives deep wrinkles an iron, for smooth youthful looking skin.

Payot Techni Liss Cure Intense 3*10ml

Payot Techni Liss Cure Intense 3*10ml£74.00

Payot Techni Liss Cure Intense provides rapid anti-wrinkle relief and skin renewal in 21 days!

REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel 150ml

REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel 150ml£18.00

A gentle facial wash formulated to leave sensitive skin thoroughly cleansed, without irritation, or discomfort.

REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk 150ml

REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk 150ml£18.00

A gentle cleansing milk that leaves sensitive, delicate and reactive skin purified, calm and soothed.

REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream 50ml

REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream 50ml£30.00

REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream is specifically formulated with a moisture replenishing complex to leave dry skin soothed, comfortable, optimally hydrated.

REN Vita Mineral Emollient Cream 50ml

REN Vita Mineral Emollient Cream 50ml£23.00

A rich emollient cream formulated to provide instant relief for moderate to intense dryness, dehydration, skin roughness and sensitivity.

Thalgo Absolute Hydra Marine Concentrate 7 x 1.2ml

Thalgo Absolute Hydra Marine Concentrate 7 x 1.2ml£33.00

Thalgo Absolute Hydra Marine Concentrate is ideal for all those in need of an SOS hydrating treatment, looking to rehydrate and replump the skin in record time.

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