Jean Patou

The house of Jean Patou began as a fashion house in 1912 making exquisite and luxurious clothes. Jean Patou became known for eradicating the flapper look by lengthening the skirt and introducing sportswear for women, and is considered the inventor of the knitted swimwear and the tennis skirt. He, notably, designed the then-daring sleeveless and thigh-length cut tennis wear for Suzanne Lenglen and was the first designer to popularize the cardigan, and moved fashion towards more comfortable styles.

Jean Patou began making perfume in the 1930s and became notorious with the revolutionary and luxurious perfume Joy, which was the worlds most expensive perfume for many decades. Jean Patou perfumes are complex, luxurious and engrossing.
Jean Patou Joy

Jean Patou Joy has been an inspiration and landmark fragrance since its creation in the 1930s. Joy gathers extremely rare flowers in a unique concentration, jasmine and rose compose the heart of a single ounce of Joy. 

Jean Patou Joy Forever

Bringing the enduring legacy of Joy to a new generation is the exquisite new fragrance Jean Patou Joy Forever Eau de Parfum.

Jean Patou Sublime

Jean Patou Sublime perfume was created as a vision of a bright and radiant woman. Jean Patou Sublime is a delicate, enveloping chypre floral perfume that adorns the skin like an exquisite piece of jewelery.

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