Boucheron are a world famous Parisian Jewellery firm, with an exclusive trading history dating back to 1858. Boucheron's selection of fragrances are perfectly balanced and rounded with warm sensual tones and evocative heart notes. Each Boucheron fragrance takes its inspiration from a particular gem and the result is a perfume as precious as its muse.

Boucheron are famous for their exquisite jewelry creations that embody current trends as well as a singular, distinctive style, one that emanates harmony, discernment and modernity. This company philosophy is also evident in their immaculate and innovative perfume and aftershave collection. Each Boucheron Fragrance has been developed in full harmony with the world of their jewelry, reflecting the same exacting standards and the same passion for beauty. Boucheron considers fragrance to be a natural outgrowth of its style. A unique form of adornment that is every bit as personal as jewelry and fits even more readily into everyday life. As a jeweler-perfumer, Boucheron remains more faithful than ever to its history, the wealth of its heritage and the power of its imagination.
Boucheron Place Vendome

Place Vendome focuses on the reflection of light, bringing out the stunning glasswork and craftsmanship of the bottle. The Eau de Parfum is a floriental woody fragrance with key notes of orange blossom, rose essence, peony and cedarwood.

Boucheron For Women

Boucheron for Women was the signature fragrance of their famous jewellery designer, Frederic Boucheron. Boucheron Perfume is a confident and elegant oriental perfume.

Boucheron Jaipur Bracelet For Women

Like a brilliant jewel that calls attention, Jaipur Bracelet reveals itself on the skin where it develops fully its intensely desirable notes.

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