Cartier's impact transcends its commercial activity alone. It is a historical and cultural institution, an icon of its time. Heritage is important to the Maison's identity, providing a context and forming an integral part of its current creations and ethos. Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier when he took over the workshop of his master.In 1874, his son Alfred Cartier took over the administration of the company, but it was Alfred's sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques, who were responsible for establishing the world-wide brand name of Cartier. In 1904, the Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont complained of the unreliability and impracticality of using pocket watches while flying to his friend Louis Cartier. Cartier rose to the challenge, designing a flat wristwatch with a distinctive square bezel. This watch was not only a hit with Santos-Dumont, but also with Cartier's many clients. Thus, out of this timeless design, the "Santos" was born. This was the first men's wristwatch. 

Cartier fragrances are range of distinction complementing the Cartier sense of style, innovation and quality. Cartier perfumes come in many forms and turn bath time and fragrance wearing into a moment of exquisite, luxurious pleasure. Every dimension of each article, its ingredients, texture, packaging and effects are precious preliminaries of seduction, perfected by Cartier.
Cartier L'Envol

The sheer power of L’Envol de Cartier fragrance for men is the ability to reveal new sensations, never before experienced.

Cartier Baiser Vole

Cartier Basier Vole is a story of pure passion, a moment when time stands still with a blurred and sensual femininity and a spine tingling emotion.

Cartier Baiser Fou

Cartier Baiser Fou is mischievous youthful fragrance with a deliciously floral fruity character. Roughly translated as Crazy Kiss, Cariter Baisier Fou combines raspberry white chocolate and orchid.

Cartier La Panthere

For Cartier La Panthere Mathilde Laurent, Cartier Perfumer, offers a unique new accord, combining a flower and a sensation: a feline floral fragrance.

Cartier Declaration

Cartier Declaration is an aftershave of distinction. A zesty and yet rich woody floral fragrance for men that speaks for a generous, imaginative, happy and passionate man.

Cartier Eau De Cartier

Cartier Eau de Cartier is a fresh, invigorating and effervescent fragrance for men and women. Cartier Eau de Cartier was the first unisex fragrance from the jeweler and is a distinctive and invigorating essence.

Cartier Eau De Cartier Zeste de Soleil

Sparkling with luscious, sun-kissed freshness, the new Eau de Cartier has been infused with a note of freshly pressed passion fruit.

Cartier Eau De Cartier Vetiver Bleu

Vétiver Bleu combines both the mint freshness and the woody aromas' warmth. A vetiver with multiple facets, covering the skin of emotions with its smoky facets.

Cartier Must For Women

Cartier Must For Women was designed to preserve the Must de Cartier label, which was originally created for accessories and jewelry, a perfume that is simply a must.

Cartier Pasha

Cartier Pasha For Men is an elegant and stylish fragrance with hints of lavender and fern, the aftershave choice for a man of style.

Cartier Santos

This vibrant tribute to the adventurous pioneer aviator, Santos-Dumont, takes on the challenge of combining an aromatic freshness with an amber-woody enveloping sensuality.

Cartier Delices De Cartier

Cartier Delices is a sparkling, ultra-feminine fragrance that is an irresistible temptation. Cartier Delices is encased in a beautiful jewel bottle in the shape of a juicy fruit.

Cartier Roadster

Cartier Roadster is a rare and precious mail fragrance that is distinctive, elegant and instantly recogniseable.

Cartier Roadster Sport

Cartier Roadster Sport For Men is a fresh, modern and casual fragrance for men; a symbol of freedom and sensation.

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