Anna Sui

Anna Sui is an acclaimed designer in women's fine fragrance. In 1999 she launched Anna Sui, which was very successful, and following this success has launched the equally popular Sui Love, Dolly Girl and Dreams. These fragrances are beautiful and distinctive, due to her addition of oriental notes into traditional floral and sweet marine bases. Anna Sui Dolly Girl, for example, has green leaves and tea added to a traditional rose base. The Anna Sui range is also popular because of the beautiful bottles she has designed to house these fantastic perfumes.

Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme

Anne Sui La Nuit de Bohème Eau de Toilette is a fruity floral perfume, a wonderful, magical miracle of the night.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance

Escape into a fantasy garden with Anna Sui's Fairy Dance fragrance and its shimmering, warm, seductive tones.

Anna Sui Dreams

Anna Sui Dreams is a rich floral oriental perfume that gives a beautiufl and distinctive frgrance to the skin.

Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy is a luscious and young floral and fruity fragrance, an unusual and exotic fragrance that caresses the senses and creates a relaxing ambience.

Anna Sui Secret Wish

Anna Sui Secret Wish is fairy-like perfume for all those who believe. Poetic and very feminine stit is a bright fruity floral fragrance.

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